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1911 Refinishing Before and After

We had a customer drop off an Ultra Carry to be cleaned up and refinished. He chose combat grey for the slide... I actually remembered to take some before pictures for once! Lol We do refinishing for just about any firearm. $200 one color, flat fee. This includes a complete teardown, ultrasonic cleaning, media blasting, paint application, 48hour cure, lube and reassembly. Stop by and let's turn those neglected firearms into something fresh and new!  Read More

The Difference Between 223 and 556

I'd like to take a moment and try to educate regarding the difference between 223rem and 5.56 NATO. I'm sure a lot of you are up to speed and that's fantastic. However, as far down the firearms road we may be, it's sometimes good to stop and help out the folks who are new and learning. Since our lovely internet forums seem to be an absolute disaster for obtaining accurate information, I thought I'd dispel some myths and make sure those unaware are given accurate information. Without getting into too much detail, here's the basics most people should know and I'll come right out and start with the point.... There is ZERO difference between 223rem & 5.56 NATO aside from pressure. The 5.56 NATO cartridge provides approx 6000 psi...  Read More

Accuracy VS Precision - AR15 vs Bolt Action

Accuracy VS Precision - AR15 vs Bolt Action Let's get right into it! Is an AR15 or AR10 a precision firearm? Let's start with the answer and then work backwards. NO. Well, if we have a ..... NO! The bottom line is a semi auto rifle can not be a precision rifle. Why? Well, to explain this the best way possible, we need to understand what the difference is between precision and accuracy. The quickest and easiest way to explain it is this, you have a target at 100 yards and with your AR15, you can put every round on target, hell maybe every round in the bullseye! Fantastic! Great job. That is accuracy! Precision is, you have your target at 100 yards and you put your first shot on target, doesn't even need to be the...  Read More